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Great For Real Estate Investors Or Anyone Looking For One Proven Strategy To Get Your Share Of The Lucrative House Flipping Market. This Book Will Reveal Exactly What You Need To Do To Give Yourself An Unfair Advantage Over Other Investors By Showing Your How To Shortcut The Process Of Matching Buyers To Sellers... FREE!

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What You Will Learn Inside The Book

  • How to make money in almost any real estate market.
  • How to make money by matching buyers to sellers and NOT the other way around (the difference will shock you
  • How to leverage cash buyers to give you instant credibility and authoriy in any real estate market
  • How to get started part-time, as you learn.
  • How to Invest in Real Estate regardless of your education, experience, or background
  • The 4-part strategy that will put you in the driver's seat of your market in less than 30 days


Inside the book, you get access to an exclusive 2-Part Video Training on Reverse Wholesaling! During this training you are going to learn exactly how to be a real estate investor and the tools Kent uses to run his own business.

Meet The Author Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company offering customers a cutting-edge advantage with a curriculum steeped in award-winning and proven real estate systems as well as national data on real estate cash buyers and private lenders.

Along with his family, Kent's real estate investing experience includes Purchased and sold (flipped or wholesaled) over 2,500 properties since 2003 and Owns over 100 rental properties in Tennessee and Florida.

What Customers Said About The Book

The book is a concise read outlining a simple strategy to approach real estate wholesaling from a cash buyer's point of view rather than from the seller's point of view. He lists 10 specific deal rules and several business rules for empowering partners and employees. He encourages the reader to think beyond a job as a real estate wholesaler to the development of a comprehensive real estate wholesaling business.

Kathy McMurry Amazon Review

I'm really excited because I feel like I'm slowly getting closer to what I want. Wishing with heart, focus, and doing what I need to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Benjamin Winokur Amazon Review

There are not many books that is straight to the point and at the same time a short read. I actually wish there was more. Kent actually makes investing dummy proof in the way he explains things. The book is so good that I will have to read it again, and that's rare for me. Not at all technical, just plain old conversation.

Reginald J Dillard Amazon Review

His approach to wholesaling properties makes a lot of sense to me and I am sure anyone using it would feel much more confident when making offers and risking their earnest money deposit and reputation. A lot to think about and to put into action.

G. Marlett Amazon Review

Reverse Wholesaling by Kent Clothier is a business model that he is putting out there that costs not even a fraction of what other "gurus" want to sell you for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. He lays it all out there for any new investor or any investor that wants to do things easier.

Scott M Amazon Review

Provides a sound, basic overview of reverse wholesaling along with ideas to get you started. I appreciate its succinctness and yet, provides enough clarity to get a general feel for the business.

S. Boulch Amazon Review

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Join thousands of investors who look to Kent Clothier as the #1 source for real-world strategies that work fast to create real wealth for you.

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