How Much Access To Private Money Do You Have?

These are the folks who loan investors money for deals, seeking a rate of return. They’re not buying the house, they’re providing the loans that no bank will touch.

That’s important to you for many reasons.

If you want to fix and flip a house, most banks won’t provide the financing (and they’re too slow anyway).

That’s where private and hard money lender step in and loan you the money to buy and fix it to get the real pay days.

In the past, you had to take out newspaper or internet ads looking for people who “might” want to loan money on real estate…

But we have that problem solved too!

Now you can get access to all of the Private Lenders in your market as well.

This system works exactly like our Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers system, allowing you to view all the transactions and contact details and also use our done-for-you Direct Mail system to contact the lenders and wait for their call.

Normally this program is available for a one time investment of $995.

However, to Thank You for your business you can now get access to this data as well for only $97 for the next 30 days.  And only $97 per month if you decide you'd like to keep access to the system and continue to build relationships with the private lenders across the country.

Stop messing around with people who may have money to lend and start seeing who’s lending and how much they’re giving to investors just like you.

Add The "Find Private Lenders Now" System To Your Order Right Now For 30 Days For Only... $995  Only $97.00 for the next 30 Days

We already have all the information we need to add this to your existing order when you click the button below. By clicking below you agree that you will be investing $97 now and every 30 days unless you decide to cancel at at any time.

After 30 days your access can be cancelled or continue for the same low rate of only $97 a month

*By declining this offer, you will be passing on the savings to someone else and will not be offered this price again. Just so you understand that this is a special promotion to new customers to test-drive this system at a greatly reduced price. The 30 Day Guaranteed Refund program still applies so if you're unhappy by day 30, we will not only cancel any future charges but refund this additional purchase as well. You have zero downside and unlimited upside.