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as a Property Rehab Specialist

Learn How To Make Larger Profits On Rehab Properties Consistently & Efficiently

  • Learn the various steps and strategies in rehabbing real estate
  • Know what to look for and avoid in properties
  • Navigate the market as an expert
  • Manage great teams effectively
  • Implement proven systems for profitable exits
  • Make more, with less risk, in less time

Learn & Earn MORE

There are an immense number of opportunities for savvy real estate rehabbers today.

How well real estate investors do at turning those opportunities into completed projects, and real profits depends a lot on how much they know, and how well organized they are when they enter the market.

Equipped with the essential information and proven systems in this course, investors will be able to find the best path for them, get in with confidence, and negotiate and manage highly profitable fixer upper deals.

The upside potential is incredible. Yet, getting off to the wrong start can be, and has been financially disastrous for many. There are a variety of working parts in the process of fixing and flipping, or rehabbing homes for rentals. Each is vital to get right.

As a Certified Property Rehabbing Specialist, you will gain what you need to march in with a strong start or do-over, and get on the fast track to the results you want the most.

What You Will Learn

In this exclusive REWW Academy tactical training and certification course students will learn:

  • Key team members for rehabbing houses
  • When to rehab versus Wholesale and Wholetail
  • The types of homes to avoid
  • How to use the Quick Estimating Guide
  • The four levels of Rehabbing
  • What level to take your improvements to
  • Conducting pre-purchase inspections
  • Executing due diligence on time
  • Creating a detailed scope of work
  • How to effectively manage contractors and subcontractors
  • When to self-manage or hire a project manager
  • Creating systems for the entire rehab process
  • Working with Realtors
  • Listing price strategy
  • Systems for lead follow up and fielding purchase offers

This REWW Certification is a vital and valuable asset for investors in the marketplace. Get certified, get savvy and get better results.

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1.Sign Up! Enroll in the REWW Academy Property Rehabbing Specialist Tactical Training & Certification Course, gain access your materials and videos, get set to learn, and profit potential, while reducing risk of repairing and renovating homes.

2.Start Learning. Engage in your eLearning course, and work it at your own pace. Get smarter via text and video content, and get document templates and scripts to use right away. Then leverage exercises and assignments to hone your knowledge and skill, and gain practical experience.

3.Certification. Ace the quizzes, nail the final exam online, and receive your Property Rehabbing Specialist Certificate. Get your edge in the field, show off your official REWW Property Rehabbing Specialist badge and certificate of completion on your office wall, LinkedIn, real estate website, and Facebook page.

Get Certified as a Property
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What You'll Get

Get in now, and gain immediate access to it all:

  • Complete Property Rehabbing Certification Course
  • 10 eLearning modules
  • 10 video lessons
  • Downloadable scripts and document templates
  • Practical exercises and assignments
  • Quizzes and end of course certification exam

On completing the course, you will receive:

  • Your official Property Rehabbing Specialist Badge to display everywhere
  • Digital and printable certificate for framing
  • Enhanced credibility, authority and skills

Course Details

Tuition: Limited opportunity to enroll for just $1495 (normally $1995)

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Setting: Online

Course Length: 4.5 hours

Estimated Time to Complete: 5 weeks or less. Learning at your own pace and schedule.


Certification is important, and comes with tangible advantages.

  • Individuals looking for new and better investment opportunities
  • Those looking to reduce risk in investing
  • Existing investors seeking diversity
  • Business owners seeking to scale and find better value deals with less competition
  • Students desiring in-demand skills and credentials they can really cash in on
  • Industry pros looking to distinguish themselves as the go-to choice
  • Realtors wanting to forge better client relationships and increase their value
  • Mortgage loan pros seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise


Certification matters and comes with plenty of advantages.


If you're an individual...

  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Wield credibility and build trust
  • Enhanced skills and capabilities
  • Reduced risks
  • Greater upside potential from rehabbing houses

If you're a business owner...

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Scale deal volume more effectively
  • Score more deals, with better profit margins
  • Draw top talent to your team
  • Give your investors and partners confidence
  • Source better business and vendor partnerships
  • Equip your team for success and demonstrate your investment in them

REWW Academy Is Different

REWW, its founders and trainers are the most recognized in the industry. As an Inc. 500 company we’ve been ranked as one of the fastest growing, most successful education and training companies in the country, by the authority on business and entrepreneurship.

Who you are trained by, and earn credentials from makes an incredible difference in your credibility and capability when out there trying to find and negotiate deals, and finding the best people to work with.

The Real Estate World Wide Academy has proven to deliver quality training from real industry professionals and active investors who prove these strategies and tactics through thousands of property deals utilizing these same methods you’ll discover.

Property Rehabbing Specialist Course Lessons

Inside you’ll discover 10 course lessons and modules clarifying the Property Rehabbing space, opportunities, and process, and equipping students to make the best investment moves.


  • Introduction to Property Rehab
  • Estimating Rehab Costs
  • Four Levels of Rehabbing
  • Scope of Work
  • Finding and Hiring Contractors
  • Self-Managed vs. Project Manager
  • Managing your Rehab
  • Running and Finishing Your Rehab
  • Preparing to Sell
  • Responding to Offers and Closing

Get Certified as a Property
Rehabbing Specialist Today!


About Your Instructors

Stan Gendlin is the founding member of Gendlin Homes, LLC, a South Carolina-based company dedicated to the acquisition and redevelopment of Real Estate investments. Stan is a full-time Investor who has been buying, fixing and selling Real Estate for more than eight years. Before starting his company, he bought and sold more than $71M in Real Estate since t 2012 with CT Homes, LLC.

As head of acquisitions, Stan grew his team and his acquisitions from 9 properties to 50 in only one year.. Along with his business partner (and wife), Danae Gendlin, he has expanded into subdivision development, office redevelopment, and turnkey personal and business properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can certification help me?

A: Whether student, new or highly experienced investor, real estate agent or mortgage loan officer, this certification course will help grow your knowledge, ability to work with others, and net results.

Q: How long does certification take?

A: This curriculum is combined of ten lesson modules, including video, practice exercises, and quizzes. Anticipate the entire course taking around 3 hours of active learning time. Engage in lessons on your schedule, at your own pace. Do it in one day, a weekend, or over a month.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get certified if enroll?

A: No. You may retake the final exam and quizzes if you needed. A minimum qualifying score of 70% is required to advance and pass. This preserves the integrity of the REWW Academy and the value of your certification.

Q: Do I really need to become a certified specialist?

A: Property rehabbing continues to be a fast growing space, with virtually endless opportunities. Not everyone who tries fixing and flipping or rehabbing to rent homes makes it. Education and expertise in this area, as well as having a credible background is only becoming more important and valuable. Rehabbing houses can produce some of the best incomes and investment returns. Yet, all will be lost or gained in preparation, knowledge, systems, and understanding best practices.

Get Certified as a Property
Rehabbing Specialist Today!


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