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  1. Discover the big benefits of Probate deals
  2. Effectively and efficiently find Probate leads
  3. Pinpoint the correct exit strategy

Finding and securing truly profitable real estate deals is the biggest challenge investors and their teams face today. Probate leads continue to hold some of the most underrated and misunderstood real estate investment opportunities. Done right, these leads can become some of the most fruitful and rewarding deals investors can hope to land. The REWW Academy Probate Specialist Certification Course delivers the tactics and know-how to accurately assess, find, and profit from these lucrative opportunities that most completely fail to take advantage of.

Equipped with the right understanding, strategies, and tactics you and your team will be able to rapidly begin sourcing some of the most profitable off-market real estate deals an investor could hope to find. You’ll be able to quickly search for and obtain leads, fully evaluate the profit potential, navigate working with the estate and personal representatives, and secure the best exit.

Being a Certified Probate Specialist provides a substantial advantage in this space. Estate representatives are desperate to find qualified buyers who understand the process, and who can help them efficiently. Certified Probate Specialists uniquely stand out as the go-to experts that families and estate professionals can turn to, before trying to advertise properties publicly. This in turn builds in superior efficiency and dollars for property investors.


  • The steps involved in the probate process.
  • The benefits of probate property deals.
  • The steps in profiting from probate leads.
  • How to distinguish between types of probate.
  • How to understand the legal terminology involved.
  • Where probate data is found.
  • The various assets within an estate.
  • How to determine your target market.
  • Using the REWW SMART Suite Probate Leads System.
  • Creative strategies for making contact with the estate, including letter and call templates.
  • Assessing the seller’s motivation.
  • Identifying and executing the correct exit strategy.
  • The appropriate type of deed to demand.
  • Evaluating personal property within an estate.
  • Lots more…

Get certified. Whether you are just starting out in real estate and desire a clear system for successfully wholesaling, flipping houses or acquiring rental homes, or you are an accomplished business owner needing to scale or find better buying opportunities, or you are even an agent needing a new lead source, the Probate Specialist Certification will be an incredible asset.

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1.Enroll. Enroll in the REWW Probate Specialist Tactical Training & Certification Course, access your materials and get ready to learn, and increase your earning potential.

2.Explore. Start learning online, at your own pace. Utilize text and video content, including templates you can put to use right away. Take quick quizzes with each module to test your retention and new skills.

3.Get Certified. Take the final exam online, and earn your certification. You get a superior knowledge edge in the market, an authorized displayable badge you get to use to show off your new credentials, and a frameable certificate of completion to put on your wall.

Become A Certified
Probate Specialist


What You'll Get

Enroll now, and get instant access:

  • Probate Specialist Certification Course
  • 7 eLearning modules
  • 7 video lessons
  • Letter templates and scripts for contacting leads
  • 7 quizzes
  • 1 Final Exam

Plus, upon successful completing of the course and all exams you will also receive:

  • Official Probate Specialist Badge to display your designation on your website, LinkedIn profile, and in your email signature
  • Digital and printable certificate for framing
  • Credibility and recognition as a true Probate expert, and the sense of achievement of mastering a new skill

Course Details

Tuition: Limited time opportunity to join for just $1495 (normally $1995)

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Setting: Online

Course Length: 7 hours

Estimated Time to Complete: 7 weeks or less. Learn at your own pace


Real estate business owners seeking to scale, or find better value deals with less competition

Students craving in-demand skills and credentials they can really cash in on

Real estate investors, wholesalers, flippers, and landlords

Realtors looking for more listings and referrals

Industry professionals seeking to distinguish themselves as go-to experts

…anyone who wants to have elevated self-confidence, self-concept and self-worth.


For Individuals:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Generate more referral business
  • Enhance your skills and capabilities
  • Improve hiring potential and paygrade
  • Increase your value to sellers
  • Optimize conversions

For Business Owners:

  • Dominate a new niche
  • Scale deal flow more easily
  • Secure more profitable acquisitions
  • Attract more top talent to your team
  • Give investors and partners confidence
  • Align yourself with better business partnerships
  • Enroll your team to enhance their capabilities, and to show you are investing in them

REWW Academy Is Different

REWW, its founders and trainers are the most recognized in the industry. As an Inc. 500 company we’ve been ranked as one of the fastest growing, most successful education and training companies in the country, by the authority on business and entrepreneurship.

Who you are trained by, and earn credentials from makes an incredible difference in your credibility and capability when out there trying to find and negotiate deals, and finding the best people to work with.

The Real Estate World Wide Academy has proven to deliver quality training from real industry professionals and active investors who prove these strategies and tactics through thousands of property deals utilizing these same methods you’ll discover.


There are seven lesson modules that clarify the Probate process, help to effectively connect with the Personal Representative, and detail strategies for profiting from Probate leads.

  • Profiting Through Probate Properties
  • Understanding the Probate Process
  • Initiating the Probate Process with the REWW SMART Suite Probate Leads System
  • Working with the Personal Representative
  • Researching Property and Determining Your Exit Strategy
  • Creating Realtor Relationships and Financing Your Offer
  • Purchasing Real and Personal Property

Within this course, the student will be given a variety of exercises to independently work through after each training video. These assignments help reinforce the material covered with real-world, practical experience.

Become A Certified
Probate Specialist


About Your Instructors

Wade Mitchell began investing in Real Estate in 1999, in order to create a life of freedom. By 2006, he had grown his business to the point that he was able to quit his job and become a full-time Real Estate Investor. He and his wife, Emmy Mitchell, own and operate a successful Real Estate Investment Company in Amarillo, TX. During the course of his investing career ,Wade has worked with Subject-To’s, Short Sales, Owner Financed Notes, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Multi-Family Apartments, Hard money lending, and Fix and Flips.

In 2007 he began working Probates and has since purchased hundreds of probate deals.

He has spoken at various training events and helped mentor investors all across the country. He and his wife now specialize in Wholesaling and Single Family Rentals. Their company, Mitchell Property Group, is known as the go-to resource for all things related to Real Estate Investing. Wade is an avid outdoorsman and adrenaline junkie. He and his wife use the freedom created by Real Estate investing to travel and pursue their adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How will this certificate help me?"

A: Whether you are a student, new investor, accomplished CEO of a successful real estate company, Realtor, or industry worker, this certification will elevate your value, credibility, and real earning potential.

Q: "How long does it take to get my certification?"

A: This course incorporates 7 lesson modules with videos, practice exercises, and quizzes. Expect to complete each module in about 1 hour. You can take them back to back, knock it out while on vacation for a week, or take your time and digest one per week on the weekends

Q: "Am I guaranteed to get the certification if I enroll in the class?"

A: No. The course is designed to help you succeed. We want you to succeed and get your certification. You may retake the final exam if you don’t ace it the first time. Though in order to preserve the integrity of the Probate Specialist designation and the reputation attached to it, in which we’ve invested millions of dollars, and years of work, we don’t just hand out credentials for those who enroll, but don’t finish.

Q: "Do I really need to become a Probate Specialist?"

A: Probate is one of the fastest growing niches in real estate. The elderly population is set to grow by almost 40% in just the next 30 months, with 70 million plus Americans turning 65+ in the next few years. Probate leads can deliver some of the best returns in real estate, yet sellers and estate representatives are cautious about who they deal with. You can try it the DIY route, but we firmly believe that you’ll find immense value in this tactical training and certification through the REWW Academy.

Become A Certified
Probate Specialist


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