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as a Private Lending Specialist

Learn and take advantage of high return alternative investment opportunities as a private lender

  1. Learn how real estate lending really works
  2. Discover untapped opportunities to create greater investment returns
  3. Find out how to become the bank
  4. Gain expertise in valuing and making private loans
  5. Create a team and find partners
  6. Upgrade your returns, without having to buy and manage real estate

Learn & Earn MORE

Finding low risk, high reward investment opportunities is still one of the largest and most urgent challenges individuals face today.

Real estate lending holds some of the most underestimated and least understood investment opportunities for individuals. While some savvy individuals have begun discovering and making this niche work for them, the big banks and Wall Street has dominated this space, leading the public to park their money in questionable organizations, for measly or even negative returns. Those who are learning to become the bank are able to benefit from far greater returns and security, while helping others and their communities.

With the right knowledge and tactics, you can cut out the middleman and put more of the profit in your own pocket, with outsized collateral to secure your investments, and more control over your financial future.

As a Certified Private Lending Specialist, you’ll not only gain the ability to make more profitable investments yourself, but to stand out as a strong partner and choice for others to align with.

What You Will Learn:

  • What it means to be a private lender
  • The pros and cons of private lending as an investment
  • The difference between efficient and inefficient markets
  • How to secure your investments
  • Smart due diligence practices
  • How to structure a team
  • ITV ratios
  • How to handle worst-case scenarios
  • How to partner up for bigger deals
  • Lots more!

This REWW Certification is a vital and valuable asset for investors in the marketplace. Get certified, get savvy and get better results.

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1.Enroll. Sign up for the REWW Academy Private Lending Specialist Tactical Training & Certification Course, get access your materials, prepare to learn, and increase your investment return potential, while reducing the risk of investment.

2.Explore. Start this eLearning course and progress at your own pace. Learn through text and video content, and get scripts you can start using right away. Take part in practice assignments, and quizzes with each module to test your knowledge and new skills.

3.Get Certified. Take the final two-part exam online, and earn your Private Lending Specialist certification. Own and flex your edge in the market, proudly display your authorized REWW Private Lending Specialist badge and frame your certificate of completion and put it on your wall.

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What You'll Get

Join now, and get immediate access:

  • Complete Private Lending Certification Course
  • 6 eLearning modules
  • 6 video lessons
  • Glossary of key industry terms
  • Downloadable transcripts and scripts
  • 8 quizzes (1 for each module, and a two-part final assessment and exam)

On completing the course, you will receive:

  • Official Private Lending Specialist Badge to display designation on websites, LinkedIn profiles, and in email signatures
  • Digital and printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Credibility, authority and recognition as a true expert, and a new accomplishment

Course Details

Tuition: Limited time opportunity to enroll for only $1495 (normally $1995)

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Setting: Online

Course Length: 2 hours

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 weeks or less. Learn at your own pace.


  • Individuals seeking new and better investment and income producing opportunities
  • Real estate investors, wholesalers, flippers, and landlords seeking diversity
  • Real estate business owners seeking to scale, or find better value deals with less competition
  • Students craving in-demand skills and credentials they can really bank on
  • Industry professionals wanting to distinguish themselves as the best choice
  • Realtors looking for more creative ways to get more deals done
  • Mortgage brokers and loan officers wanting to expand their knowledge and product line


If you're an individual...

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Instill credibility and trust
  • Enhance skills and abilities
  • Increase investment returns
  • Reduce risks

If you're a business owner...

  • Dominate a new niche
  • Scale deal flow more easily
  • Secure more profitable acquisitions
  • Attract more top talent to your team
  • Give other investors and partners confidence
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Secure higher-level business partnerships
  • Train your team, build their capabilities, and show you are invested in them

REWW Academy Is Different

REWW, its founders and trainers are the most recognized in the industry. As an Inc. 500 company we’ve been ranked as one of the fastest growing, most successful education and training companies in the country, by the authority on business and entrepreneurship.

Who you are trained by, and earn credentials from makes an incredible difference in your credibility and capability when out there trying to find and negotiate deals, and finding the best people to work with.

The Real Estate World Wide Academy has proven to deliver quality training from real industry professionals and active investors who prove these strategies and tactics through thousands of property deals utilizing these same methods you’ll discover.

Private Lending Specialist Course Lessons

There are six course lessons which clarify the Private Lending space, opportunities, and process, to help you effectively identify your place in the business, and how to make sound investments.

  • Overview of Private Lending
  • Relevance to the market
  • Choosing Non-Conventional Financing
  • Understanding Value
  • Anatomy of a Deal
  • Summary & Conclusion

Within the course students will be given assignments and exercises to work on independently to reinforce learning, test their knowledge, and see practical application of the concepts and instructions provided.

Get Certified as a Private
Lending Specialist Today!


About Your Instructors

Dr. David Phelps is an entrepreneur and finance expert. Dr. David Phelps is one of the most experienced members of the real estate finance community. His expertise spans more than 37 years of raising capital for real estate projects, brokering loan notes, and training professional entrepreneurs.

David has been raising private capital since 1980, when he was still in college. He has degrees from both Texas A&M and Trinity University. He has been publicly endorsed by some of the most respected minds and experts in the real estate finance space. He has worked with some of the most notable capital funds and mortgage note companies in the country. Years ago a family emergency spurred Dr. Phelps to make significant changes to his medical practice so that he could spend more time with family, and enjoy more time freedom. Private capital played a big role in this, and became the foundation for his company Freedom Founders which teaches professionals how to ditch relying on Wall Street to take control of their time and financial futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can this certificate help me?

A: Whether a student, new or experienced investor, Realtor, mortgage broker or loan officer, this certification course will help expand your knowledge, authority, menu of opportunities, and investment results.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get certified if I sign up for this class?

A: No. These courses are created and designed to help you succeed in the real world of investing. REWW wants you to succeed and get your final certification. However, there is an end of course exam to ensure you have absorbed the material. This is delivered in two parts, with a practice test first. You may retake the final exam if you need to. This helps preserve the integrity of the REWW Academy certification and the reputation attached to it.

Q: How long does it take to get this certification?

A: This course includes 6 lesson modules, including videos, practice exercises, and quizzes. Expect the entire course to require around 2 hours of active learning time. Take lessons back to back, hammer it out while on vacation, or take your time and breeze through one per week on weekends.

Q: Do I really need to become a Private Lending Specialist?

A: Private lending is one of the fastest growing and most important niches in the real estate and investment world today. We foresee expertise in this area only becoming more important and valuable as we look forward. Private lending can deliver some of the most attractive returns in real estate. Yet note sellers, buyers, capital investors, continue to be very careful about who they deal with. This is where you’ll some of the best value in this tactical training and certification through the REWW Academy.

Get Certified as a Private
Lending Specialist Today!


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