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Meet Your Instructors

Kent Clothier

Kent has been in the real estate investing and education industries, becoming an industry leader, trainer, and highly sought after national speaker. Today Kent’s companies have sold over $34 million in software, education, and coaching to students all over North America. His family’s investment company continues to be an industry leader as well, selling over 600 turnkey properties a year and managing over 3,200 properties in 3 states.

Justin Colby

Having created an experienced and successful real estate network, Justin Colby is regarded as the Phoenix metropolitan area’s most coveted real estate investors to work with. As Phoenix Wealth Builders, Justin has created a brand that is in harmony with and is exemplified by the close relationships they develop as well as the amazing real estate opportunities they provide.

Patrick Precourt

Pat opened North Shore Enterprises, a professional real estate investment company specializing in pre-foreclosure and short sales at the beginning of 2000. Since then, his team has completed nearly 1000 short sales. His passion also flowed over into teaching and Patrick started teaching his niche in investment. By 2004, he was speaking from the stage on a number of entrepreneurial topics including real estate investment and personal development.